Saturday, July 11, 2009

Meanwhile… At the Hall of Justice Exhibition

Coinciding with the impending San Diego Comic Con, Subtext is hosting a special exhibition relevant to the world's largest super-hero related event with their Meanwhile… At the Hall of Justice exhibition. 50 different artists have each contributed their personal memories and appropriations of various super heroes. Our preview here includes chracters from both DC and Marvel Comics franchises such as Batman, Robin, Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Spider-Man and Dr. Doom. Participating artists include Bwana Spoons, Ken Garduno, PJ Fidler, Aaron Jasinski, N8 Van Dyke, Tom Haubs, Eric Davison, Scott Altmann, Jeral Tidwell, Joshua Ellingson, Nathan Fox, Le Merde, Tiffany Liu, Meg Hunt, The Little Friends of Printmaking, Kozy nDan, Angry Woebots, James Jirat Patradoon, Jonathan Wayshak, Zach Johnsen, Kelly Vivanco, Sherwin Viray and David Finch among others. The exhibit will run from July 24th to July 26th with an opening reception taking place on Friday, July 24th between 6 pm -10 pm.

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