Wednesday, December 30, 2009

tell us about myswagmagazine.

tell us about myswagmagazine.
Well let me see *Putting my smart hat on*

The Essentials
My Swag Magazine is your source for the most current and compelling information relating to the urban aesthetic. In addition to bringing you up to date daily on the most recent news in art, fashion, music, and more

My Swag Mission Statement
My Swag Magazine's mission is simple: to expose influential and interesting elements of the urban aesthetic as it relates to progressive youth subcultures.
Whether exhibited in teaching, art, television, or otherwise, visual representation is the most prominent and powerful medium of communication in the 21st century. With a focal point on art and fashion, My Swag is also a lifestyle magazine, both responding to, and shaping, the evolving urban identity.

My Swag strives to maintain a broad scope, encompassing elements from every corner of the art world, including, but not limited to: fashion, street art, fine art, graffiti, sneaker culture, designer toys, film, photography, design, music, and books.
By publishing My Swag online, My Swag aims to reach its audience by building a global urban arts community that is, simultaneously, channeled back to My Swag.

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