Sunday, December 13, 2009

I put them hands to you when I'm sleep

So I guess I have a nightmare last night ? Well let me tell you what happen.For some reason I was in a class room and this lady was talking blah blah blah , and like out of no where some dude ask me all loud and shit "Did I just step out the shower ?".Um wtf?? kind of question is that to ask ? Then he just started talking shit then POW! I get to throwing hands(Fighting) kicking dude ass all over the class room blood everywhere.So the day goes on and then I'm at track practice(Ha!) and we get done with practice and I'm walking thru the playground (?) and the dude I beat up this there with like some really big ass dudes.So I'm all like "Man you don't want it,just keep moving" What you think they do ? Them dumb punks still tired me and it got UGLY, for them.I was like the fighting machine like Roy Jones(When he was knocking people out).Had one in a headlock the other went flying in the wall, and the one dude ............ran away.Then I woke up ha! smh .

SideNote:How crazy do the man in that picture look ? lol.

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