Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Well How About You Know This And That

For all you smokers out in the world I want to share the reason why you guys smoke a lot on "420". Yes I DO NOT SMOKE AT ALL (sorry just want to point that out real fast). Oh and after you are done reading head over to our shop and pick you up our two "420" tees. 

Notwithstanding the many and various urban legends that have grown up about the meaning of "420" and its connection with marijuana, the true story behind it is surprisingly prosaic. In the early 1970s a small group of hippie stoners at San Rafael High School in northern California used to meet at a designated location every day to smoke pot at 4:20 p.m. They did this so regularly that among members of the group "420" became a general euphemism for lighting up.

The catchphrase spread beyond their immediate circle, beyond the high school they attended, and ultimately beyond California, so that within a decade or two pot smokers were using it across the country and indeed the world over.

How popular is the expression today? A Google search on the paired terms "420" and "marijuana" brings up more than 6 million results, including a link to the website of 420 Magazine, a publication dedicated to what it refers to as "cannabis awareness."

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