Monday, June 20, 2011

Introducing Love Bubbles

I’ve notice that some streetwear brands have a collection where they portray themselves as some type of sports team which included having a mascot. I thought that was a pretty clever idea so I decided that we at Sanquon should have our own mascot. Now if you know anything about Sanquon, then you know that a lot of our designs feature beautiful women. So it was only natural that our mascot be a woman as well. I wanted to add humor to our mascot, so I didn’t go for the strong, independent portrayal of a woman. I went the “dumb blonde” route. I didn’t really want the design to be uber realistic. I was thinking more animated but not quite anime. Oh and she has to have big boobs because I’m a boob man. After I finished the design, I struggled with the name. I was thinking BIMBOS, DUMB BLONDES, that’s really all I came up with.  So I showed the design to my partner in crime Javaris and he came up with the name LOVE BUBBLES. I actually died laughing when he text that to me. From there the SANQUON LOVE BUBBLE were born.

For the collection, I referenced a lot of vintage Chicago Bulls gear. I wanted this collection to have that retro sportswear feel, like when Starter, Champion, and Logo7 made all the NBA gear. So a lot of these designs have that late 80’s early 90’s sportswear vibe.  I went for mainly tees and crewneck sweatshirts for this collection because of the retro aspect. Back then most of the sports memorabilia consisted of jerseys, tees, and crewneck sweatshirts. I think that the LOVE BUBBLES collection be like wearing nostalgic sportswear with a new age twist.
AS for the future of this collection, I want to include snapback and fitted caps. As well as just pushing the creativity of the designs by mixing more of the retro styles with our Sanquon flavor. I might even make a mascot helmet. I’m really excited about the LOVE BUBBLES collection and I think that it will become a fan favorite. CREATIVITY LIVES HERE.-Chris James 

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