Thursday, September 29, 2011

Battlefield 3 Beta Review #BF3

When Gears of War 3 pushed their closed beta 5 months before its release, they had enough time to fix the glitches and to take the feedback and do something with it. 
Battlefield drops next month. This open beta has enough glitches where it doesn’t look polished at all. Falling through the maps, connection errors, not being able to squad up with your friends, players disappearing, ect. Then you release the beta for everyone to download and now to connect with EA online it’s lost. 
I understand its a free OPEN beta, but this isn’t a game thats being released 5 months down the road, it’s a game thats being released in a couple of weeks. How much can they polish this game up and positively listen to the feedback people have to give? That’s my question. 
I enjoy the graphics, sounds, guns, the metro map (you’re only given 1 map with 1 objective game so you know everyone will have mastered Rush on Metro before the game is released) and the gameplay. But really, it seems like they pushed this game in a hurry to get it out before MW3 releases in November. 

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