Friday, September 30, 2011

Win A Free Copy Of MW3 From The Suits Of Mister

One month, one whole month till the release of MW3. I can just hear the guns clicking, dog tags being collected and of course the body's dropping. Gone will be the days of people running with they guns cocked in position to noob tube. Hit diction that takes a whole magazine to get a kill, we be a thing of the past. Sitting in a corner with a motion sensor waiting for somebody to run by. Well maybe that last one will still happen. But maybe they will be texting, cause you know Xbox live has no pause button and girlfriends (or boyfriends) get mad when you take to long to text back cause you playing video games. 

So in celebrates of MW3 The Suits Of Mister wants to give you a free copy Mw3. Yes I said free no tax copy of MW3. So what do you have to do to win the FREE copy of MW3 ? Well you have to tattoo The Suits Of Mister on your neck. Ehhh that's a little to far ? So for you less hardcore fans all you have to do is sub to our youtube page and comment on our "The Suits Of Mister Promo" video simply stating that you want MW3. Wait lets make this fun you don't have to say you want Mw3 say "Cheese" or anything you can think of. 

Okay so do you want a even better chance to win MW3 ? Yeah I know you do. Like Our Facebook and BOOM you are now in the running for MW3 two times. You can't beat them chances . Well you can but we not made of money so 2 copies is about all you can enter to win right now. Unless Justin Bieber wants to donate. OH shit I said JB. Hate Mail Hate Mail. Sub the videos Like the page and win MW3. The question is now what are you gonna do with all that extra money ? Buying your girlfriend some flowers would be nice, cause you about to have your hands full when MW3 comes out. Good Luck.

Update: Every 100 subs we get we will give away another copy. Tell a friend to sub too. Will contract winners via Youtube. PS3,Xbox,Wii choice is yours.

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