Monday, April 9, 2012

But Just Last Week You Hated Carmelo Anthony Tho.

If you follow the NBA then you like myself was watching the Bulls vs Knicks yesterday. The game came down to the last 30.0 of play. The Knicks make a inbound pass and Melo swings it over to a WIDE OPEN  Steve Novak and it rims out, rims out. I mean this shot was in the goal and about to go thru and just pops back out. Heart breaking. D. Rose miss a couple of FT's and it brings it to the clip above and well I'm just let you see for yourself :P

What this post is really about is a BIG I told you so. People been hating on Melo hard for this past year and I mean hard. At one point people was saying trade Melo and keep Lin, I really don't understand Knicks fans y'all never think right. I said it in the "The Linsanity Hype Train Has To Crash" post that the team will jelly well when Melo is back, and what they doing ? Yup I was right. Like the dude on ABC said "Who's Shooting to much now, Who's Shooting to much now" All the haters are kinda quite now. 

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