Friday, April 6, 2012

Why So Much Hate For Kim Kardashian ?

Kardashian is dating Kanye West now. I really don't care, gives two shits about it to be real. What really has me writing today is the hate that followed this news. Almost everybody under the sun in the past couple of days, I mean years had called Kim a whore,hoe and a lot of names I really don't care to type. Why do people hate her tho ? I mean what did she really do ? They say it's cause she dated a lot of men, I ran thru the records and counting Kanye that would bring her dating count to around 8 men in the past 12 years. 8 whole men in the past 12 years. Now ask yourself how many of your friends have a new boyfriend every week, but you hating on a women who only dated 8 men in the last 12 years. The hate is beyond at this point.

"Oh wait, she got married and then the two announced they were separating about 10 weeks after the wedding"

Guess what people, shit like that happens all the time. It's a old saying that goes "You never really know a person till you live with them".How dare she not want to be married to a man she don't love anymore, the nerve of her wanting to be happy and don't want to stay with him. Yeah that's how stupid y'all sound calling her all kind of shit cause she just wanted to be happy and not with somebody that wasn't on the same page as her. True be told it worked out good for Kris too. Sure he is now an on running joke, but if you seen "Kim and Kourtney Take New York" you would have seen that Kim and Kris wanted two different things in life. He wanted the country life chilling in a small city, she wanted the fame and the flash of the big city lights of L.A and New York, that man is better off without her, he's having a great NBA season this year. That's not saying Kim is not a good person but he wasn't the one for her and she wasn't the one for him. Simple

"She made a sex tape that makes her a bad person"

Omg she made a sex tape really ? A person over the age of 18 had sex, this must be something new tell me more. As a parent I would be mad that one my kid is having sex and two they was having sex and then taped it. I mean come on what the fuck you thinking. I'm not a parent and Kim is not my kid so what I really think about the whole thing is, she made a tape with her boyfriend at the time and the tape came out. I don't know how sex tapes leak but it leaked. No really can somebody tell me how they leak I would like to know(Tweet it to me @JavarisIsOnMars). If having a sex tape makes you a bad person then a couple of people are bad bad bad people lol, by couple I mean around a million people.People make sex tapes with they lovers(lol I said lovers) get over it, you know you stay watching hers tho :P.

"She is famous for nothing"
I asked on twitter "Why do people hate Kim K so much" and out of all the replies this is the one that was said the most "She is famous for nothing". Now you maybe have a point and you maybe also don't . She kinda is famous for something, being the daughter of Robert George Kardashian. The same way Joseph Ward Simmons (Rev Run) kids are famous for being his kids, she is the same for her father. Some might say that "Well Diggy and JoJo rap and the girls are fashion designers". All that came after the Run's House tv show. That's called taking advantage of the spotlight. Her fame was brought into the light cause of her sex tape with Ray J and she ran with it, ran with it a little better then Ray J did I might add. 

Just like the Simmons sisters, Kim also is a "fashion designer" quotes is around that cause none of them design shit, they just own the brands and check off what they like. *Sigh*. I think people really just diss like Kim because she kinda didn't work hard to get somethings. I say some because I don't think it was hard for her to get a tv show, I might be wrong. What she did hard work to do is max that spotlight out, it's not a thing that she doesn't make. That right there is turning nothing into something. Can people stop hating now ? She just a person that out work most and made it look easy. Don't lie you would love to be her. 

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