Thursday, October 2, 2014

I Want Them To Feel It #HypeKillersDownSouth

It's getting closer to the show and I'm just going over it in my head. I really feel that this is about to be the best thing you have ever seen. I don't mean it in a cocky way. I mean it in a way that I'm proud of what we have done. I want people to leave the show and feel it. Like make them have to sit down and just think about what just happen. I want them to lock it in their minds for years to come. I want them to be happy they came. You ever went to a movie and it let you down? As a person that hates spending money on somethings. I never want to spend the money and be let down. That's why I bring it all the way to you. I want you to feel the soul that we put into the show. The time is coming. Be ready to enjoy the fruits.
Btw, is that not a great pic or what?  I like how it's two different tweets aswell.

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