Monday, October 13, 2014

Last Night Was Mad Real #TWD

  As I'm sure you know, The Walking Dead is back. I was saying. Thinking before the episode that they should just show two. Two episodes. The first one back is always a little slow. For just about all shows. Getting us back into the flow. The Walking Dead didn't need to have two last night. 

That one was all that we could take. They started with a bang and ended with one too. Is it just me, or do you too not overstand (understand) how the hipster became the boss of the place? I mean he doesn't really seem like the type.Anyways, I was happy to see Morgan at the end. I hope he catches up with the group. One thing tho, they need a new Realty Brokerage. That place was a little shady. Flowers was dead and the trees was short. They need to re think it next time. Then again, it won't be a next time. Cause you know, Rick keeps his promises.

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