Monday, November 3, 2014

Ewing “Rogue” Pack at KITH

 The Ewing “Rogue” Twin Pack has arrived at KITH NYC. Ewing Athletics continues on its year long run of bringing back vintage footwear with the release of the two pair offering. The pack is compromised of two distinct colorways –Black/Red/Pewter and White/Shadow/Dream Blue, each resembling their previously released, 33 Hi and Center predecessors. If you having foot problems, now would be a great time to get it check out. Orthotics Burlington can help with that. Don't want to miss out on wearing some fresh sneakers.

 The hightop black colorway offers a synthetic nubuck upper, featuring a popping shade of red, and shallow grey coloring and detail. The shoe’s white counterpart is constructed from white leather, while sporting grey and blue accents throughout. The “Rogue” Pack retails for $120 USD, and is now available at the new KITH store, along with the retailer’s online store.


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