Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Southern Burger #OneMoreBite #jimnnicks

  Today I had lunch at Jim N Nick's today.  I love Jim's. They have some of the best BBQ in the world. Yeah, I said it. They used to have the old logo with a pig. I loved that logo. Makes me think of the new Wendy's commercial. The one where he talks about how you know if a BBQ place is good. Something along the lines of having a pig as the logo. I guess Jim N Nick's wants to break that now. Well been break it. I think they changed the logo about two years ago. I need to let go? Anyways. Today when I went to the one in Hiram, I did something different. I didn't get ribs. I got a burger. The southern burger. Dipped in BBQ sauce and topped with pickles, grilled onions,bacon and melted cheese. 

This is amazing, It's been hours after I ate it and I can still taste it? Maybe more like thinking about it. Yeah, it's been hours and I'm still thinking about the burger. Look at bacon. Extra long and that's just the front side. Lord, that's a dream. 

 You already know I had to take a picture of the cheese biscuits. 

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