Sunday, August 28, 2016

Don't Be Cold Booty #DressLikeJavaris

Winter coming (No lame Game Of Thrones joke. Joke lame, not the show.). It's really coming and you need to stay ready for this. You really don't want to be out here looking cold-booty like your pussy in December (Word up to Method Man). I been looking for the winter cause I can't stand the summer. I think this is something that you know by now from reading this blog. Anyways, I going bomber, jacket for the winter. I'm thinking about patches for the ones I have. I just have always loved the look. Feel like a more stylish Letterman jacket from high school. Y'all fucked jean jackets up for me. Don't do it to my bombers. 

 Listen, this is the show stopper. Put this on and smile while you do it. Put this on and have Kanye West 'Power' playing. I'm in love with this. I like this one more then the first one I posted. No patches. Keep this baby clean. 

 It feels so odd when I wear jeans that are not ripped at this point. Be wearing suits and feels like, I'm in chains. Maybe that's too far. Yeah, it's not that deep, I look amazing in suits.You looking like a million? I'm on the way to the billy. 

 Take the video games with you on the low. Low on the ground. The sneakers. You can't wear this sneaker if you never played Donkey Kong tho. You didn't have to have nightmares about not being able to make it to the top. Jumping over barrels trying to kick that Donkey ass. You didn't live that. You don't get to wear the crown. Fall back. 

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Jackets and jeans from TopMan (Click banner)
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