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Mount Vesuvius (GRΣΣK TV Series)

It's amazing the number of things that I thought I have blogged about and never did. I have been searching my blog and I have never talked about this on here? Like, how is that even so? I must have been so deep into the show that it tripped outta my mind. I can't see how that happen.  

I think this show ranks up in the top of re-watches for me. Along with The Wire, Friday Night Lights and Breaking Bad. I have watched this show so much that Netflix took it off the section. That's not the real reason but it sounds good. Or fucked up. Either way, Free-form (Formally known as ABC Family) has all the season's on demand. They also have a movie that's coming out. Wait, what?!? Life is good. I just found that out two minutes ago.

    The series follows students of the fictitious Cyprus-Rhodes University (CRU), located in Ohio, who participate in the school's Greek system. The show's plots often take place within the confines of the fictional fraternities Kappa Tau Gamma (ΚΤΓ) and Omega Chi Delta (ΩΧΔ), or the fictional sorority Zeta Beta Zeta (ΖΒZ). Throughout the course of the series, other non-Greek characters and situations are introduced, but they all tie into larger relationships with the Greeks. The series follows Rusty and Casey Cartwright as they endure the events surrounding the Greek system at Cyprus-Rhodes.

Characters to Watch:  

 Originally uninterested in Greek life, Cappie rises to become the president of the unruly Kappa Tau. His carefree and fun-loving personality hides a very sharp mind. Despite that, Cappie has no actual goals and no intentions of leaving Kappa Tau which he considers his home. The only time Cappie considered moving on is for his first love, Casey. Casey and Cappie dated in their freshman year but Cappie’s partying ways conflicted with the more ambitious Casey. Ultimately, Casey left him. Cappie never recovered from losing Casey and as a result, he was unable to maintain any serious relationship afterward.

 Ashleigh Howard
Known for her outrageous fashion sense and ditzy personality, Ashleigh is Casey’s best friend since their freshman year. She often played a supporting role in Casey’s endeavors. Her kind nature endeared her to most but also made her a pushover. Ashleigh is thrust into the spotlight at times. A recurring theme for Ashleigh is her poor choices in men. Though she tried to keep positive, her last relationships have made her more doubtful. Despite that, Ashleigh is looking forward to graduation. 

 (That loser flag tho) 
Dale Kettlewell
Dale is Rusty’s neurotic, religious zealot roommate and he is also in the same Honors Engineering program. Initially, Dale despised the Greek system even forming an organization to protest their very existence at Cyprus-Rhodes. He tried to self-righteously steer Rusty away from Kappa Tau but usually found himself mixed up in Rusty’s predicaments. Through Rusty, Dale begins to interact with different Greeks. He quickly befriends Calvin despite his borderline homophobic beliefs. He forms a close bond with the rowdy Cappie based somewhat on their mutual feelings for Casey. 

Rebecca Logan
 A sophisticated but rebellious sister, Rebecca was distinguished among her rush class as her father was a prominent senator. Rebecca’s aloof and cynical attitude did not endear her to big sister Casey as they quickly become rivals. 

Favorite Episodes: 

Season One. Episode One. "Pilot"  
  Two siblings, Casey and Rusty Cartwright, attend Cyprus-Rhodes University. Rusty is a freshman science geek, who decides to rush a fraternity, invading his popular sister’s social life, giving them an opportunity to build a relationship with one another.

Season One. Episode 19. "No Campus for Old Rules"
Cappie, Evan, and Dale go head-to-head in a debate over the Greek's social perks, the outcome of which will have a lasting impact on Greek restrictions. Rusty sleeps with U-SAG member, Tina. A double standard at ZBZ creates conflict between Casey and the other sisters.

Note: Dean Bowman (Alan Ruck) is on a date with a woman named Sloane, which is an allusion to his role in Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

Season Two. Episode 10. "Hell Week"
 During the last week of the school year, the Greeks initiate their pledges. Rusty's failures lead the Kappa Tau's to question if he is a good fit. Casey and Max's relationship hits a road block when they realize they'll be spending the summer apart. Casey seeks advice from Lauren Conrad in a dream. Frannie leaves ZBZ with half the sisters to start a new sorority.

 Season Two. Episode 22. "At World's End"
  During the last week of the school year, the Greeks initiate their pledges. Rusty's failures lead the Kappa Tau's to question if he is a good fit. Casey and Max's relationship hits a road block when they realize they'll be spending the summer apart. Casey seeks advice from Lauren Conrad in a dream. Frannie leaves ZBZ with half the sisters to start a new sorority.

Season Three. Episode 1. "The Day After"
  After being dumped by Casey, Max quit the grad school program and went back to England, unbeknownst to Casey and disappointing Rusty who needed help on an extra credit project for Organic Chem. In a flashback to the "End of the World" party the night before, it is revealed that Cappie did not pursue Casey because Evan unknowingly intervened. At the same party, it is revealed that Rebecca's secret kiss was with Fisher. Meanwhile, Dale confesses to Calvin that he broke their purity pledge, and proposes to Sheila.

 Season Two. Episode 1. "Brothers and Sisters"
 The fallout from spring break is felt during the annual Greek Week competition. Casey focuses on continuing the Zeta Beta’s winning streak while trying to control an unruly Rebecca. Meanwhile, Rusty and Calvin’s friendship is put to the test when Cappie and Evan’s rivalry intensifies. Additionally, Frannie tries to tell Casey about Evan.

Season Three. Episode 20. "All Children...Grow Up"
 Calvin and Trip are nominated for Omega Chi's president. Casey got admitted into George Washington Law School in Washington DC and got rejected by CRU. Dale joins Rusty and Dana for spring break at Myrtle Beach and eventually admits he wants to have more fun in college. Ashleigh gets an unpaid internship as a trend forecaster. KT's "revenge plan" ultimately made Calvin the future president for the Omega Chi. Evan and Rebecca make up. Casey decides she wants to go to law school in DC instead of staying in Cyprus. Casey assumes that a long distance relationship would not work, and that they would have to break up at graduation. Angry that she thinks so little of them, Cappie breaks up with her.

Season One. Episode 5. "Liquid Courage"
The KT’s prepare to throw their legendary homecoming party, but when the main feature (a live model of Mount Vesuvius) malfunctions, it’s up to Rusty to save the day. Rusty manipulates Dale into contributing the Remington Herzog Atmospheric Destabilizing Module to the cause, impressing ZBZ pledge, Jen K. Casey gears up to meet Evan’s parents, who are more concerned with connecting with Senator Logan’s daughter, Rebecca, forcing Evan to choose between what’s best for his family’s “connections” and what’s best for his relationship with Casey.

ABC Family (2007-2011) 

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