Saturday, November 5, 2016

Drink It On The Mountain (Gold Peak Tea)

Y'all remembered how much I used to get naked? All the time. It seem like it was something that had to be done daily. It's just something about the way they mix the strawberry and banana that got me every time. With the drop of apple juice and the orange, ooou. Got me wanting one right now. They fit 22 strawberries into one bottle. 22. Plus, they featured me on social media before. So it's only right I drink it. I'm talking about the juice if you haven't noticed yet. 

Anyways, if it's one thing we love in the south, it's tea. Not just any tea, sweet tea. As far as I care, unsweet tea is the devil and it doesn't exist. That's just something people say when they really want water instead. I mean who drinks that? Ew. I have to be a shame to be so late to the party on this one. Gold Peak Tea. Launched in 2006, Gold Peak Tea has won awards for how great it is. Awards y'all. Made from the leaves from the Kenyan Rift Valley. Who knew that this would be something so amazing when I picked it up by chance. The bottle pulled me in. That simple but complex look with the bold "Sweet Tea" text across the middle made me spend the two dollars to give it a try. I bet this is how people on crack got hooked. Spend the money cause "hey why not" next thing you know, you selling your pots and pans for another hit. 

That shouldn't be happening with me and Gold Peak Tea but I am hooked. 
That first taste of the sweet tea made me never want to taste another again.  So far I have tired three: the Peach, sweet tea and the lemonade. Which I thought was the lemon. I was so happy to see another favor that I just forgot how to read, I guess. Not really one for Green but I would love to give that one an try. 

SO if you're into tea as much as me, you might want to give Gold Peak an try,you can drink it on the mountain while listening to the Dixie Chicks. Southern Shit.

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