Monday, November 14, 2016

Like I Got The Whole Thing Bleached #DressLikeJavaris

Sidenote: When I first started this post. It was all white sneakers. Even if we all know I hate them. I was feeling some this morning. As the morning got longer, I started to see other sneakers I wanted, as I tossed them into my cart aswell. Anyways, the title stays. Even thought it's not all, all white sneakers in this post.

 Shopping in the morning is so peaceful. It's never any lines and it's so quiet. You can walk in and walk around and not have to say "excuse me" about an million times. On top of not having to watch your feet as little kids play the ultimate game of hide and seek in the store. While their parents yell. You can think about things when it's quiet. You can also do this while online shopping, that's what I did this morning. Shopped online. 

I never been about that mall life. You know this. 

Anyways. Here are the sneakers I piled up on this morning. I only planned on buying one and ended up with all this. I have an problem. At least it's not crack.  

 Air Max Zero
 The Game told Pooh in 95, he would kill him over his Air Max 95's. I wonder what he would do to somebody over his Zero's? I hope this has as much breathing in it as it looks like it does. Main reason I got them. 

 Air Jordan KO High OG 
The Air Max Zero's looks like they are so breathable. These look like you can just use them as an pillow at night. They look so warm. It's almost as if your favorite Grandma made quilts and used the left over pieces to make you an sneaker. 

Nike Air Presto
This is where all that buying white,ended. Actually, I guess it ended when I got the Jordan's. Since they're not even white. The Air Presto looks like that shoe that you wins the race in. It looks like it's made for speed. Up at the crack of dawn, running. Getting ready to cross that finish line with both hands high in the air. Getting that medal placed around your neck. As the sweat drips. I won't be doing all that. I'll be wearing these to the supermarket. 

I might run in these tho. 

All sneakers this morning is from Wish ATL.

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