Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Tefnut by Javaris Squire Now Available on @Amazon

To quote Andre 3000 "The south got something to say" About to go buy 100 copies of my own book off Amazon. My.Own. Book. On. Amazon. Maybe not a 100 but still. My.Own.Book. On. Amazon.
Okay, I'm done talking shit. Press release below.
The Squire + Said Media Group is happy to announce that 'Tefnut" by Javaris Squire is now available on Amazon. Amazon, the most valuable retailer in the United States will now carry 'Tefnut" and all of Javaris Squire future works. This is a partnership we can champion and happy to see what comes about.
Tefnut tells a story of a young woman coming into her own, in this world. “That’s when he took my heart in his hands . And kissed it gently . He open up his lips then said this poetry” with Erykah Badu’s discography serving as the narrative. It propels the story to heights never seen before in literature. Never finding dull moments, but enlightenment on every page. Erykah has voiced that she likes seeing interpretations of her music. Here’s one for the book lover and the music enthusiast in you.Javaris Squire tells the story in a way that only he had envisioned it. The story taps into the animalistic way of digesting quickly; while giving the reader enough to satisfy their hunger.

Available at all bookstores and retailers listed below.

Prep Books
Peach Media

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