Friday, April 14, 2017

H&M Sale Haul

It's Good Friday and God, or should I say Jesus is being good to me. I was just telling Jeem I needed some new pants. Yo boy been dropping pounds like I'm in the Cartel. So nothing fits anymore. I don't do the baggy. My life is not a Hot Boy video so this won't work. 
So this sale comes right on time as I need to start the planning on what I want to wear for my trip that's coming up.  Here's what I got from the sale. 

 Tan Joggers. 
Winter before last, I was sweating the winter That went well? Well, I ended up half way sweating the winter cause that kinda just made me look like a bum for a couple days. Nicely dressed bum but still. Now joggers are something I have been behind. Everything the sweatpants give you without the bum look.

I also went ahead and got the green ones as well. The thing I love about the H&M joggers has to be the fit of them. They have the same bottom that the adidas tech sweat has. Only the zipper is on the inside instead of the out. 

 Leather Bracelet
I don't know what I will be wearing with this but I will be wearing it. If that even makes sense. This is one of the things that you see and will worry about what to wear it with later.

 4 Pack 
Why not just double it down on the black. You see the skulls? Nice touch. 

 4 More
I'm trying to wear more this year. For the past two years I have been flexing with the bracelet my mommy got me. 

Anyways, this is what I have brought so far. If I buy some more, I'll update but I think I'm good so far. 

Y'all go ahead and stock up. 

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