Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Issa Bomb (Ass Shirt) #DressLikeJavaris

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Look at that hair. That's that fresh out the shower hair. If you have curls, you know how much I would love for my hair to stay that laid out. Nope, that last for about an hour. Then the super curls come. I love my hair either way. 

Anyways. Bringing you some more of my vacation outfits.  I was feeling fresh with this one. All eyes on me. Probably for other reasons. 

The shirt, well I can't really post that image on the internet. Now that I think about it.  Don't need a group that I won't say, using it.

It's a one of one shirt. It features Lady Godiva and one of the joking pictures she sent me. I love this picture to death for some reason. So I had to do something dope with it. She loved it. She couldn't stop smiling for about two hours. Maybe we'll put it out. 

 I told y'all I was going all in with the H&M sale. This ain't no game. I brought them all. I regards ( I know, it sounds cooler this way) nothing. Best pants I have ever got in my life. They need to make more. 

 This looks felt so Afrocentric while having a Arabic women on a shirt. I matched the breads to this one and that brown makes it pop so much.  

 This reminds me, I need to get the Peanut Vans (post soon). I played Duck Hunt so much as a kid that I had to get these the moment they came out last year. Playing off the Afrocentric vibe of the outfit with the digital camo. 


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