Friday, June 30, 2017

Merica BBQ #DressLikeJavaris

Just in case you forgot, we still the champs till the next champs are crowned. Which will probably be us again. So, yeah.  Hopefully. Let me stop talking shit like I'm on the pitch. 

I'm still happy about that beat down that the U.S put on Japan in the last World Cup. Japan team was as stacked as us, just like Germany. So it's always a good match to see between the teams. 

I say all this to distract from the fact that this post should have been made two years ago. I have been celebrating ever since so I forgot. I was wearing this look yesterday and it hit me that I should share. 

So let's share.

Also with 4th of July coming up, this can be something for y'all to whear to the cookout.

Sanquon "O'Captain" 
 I talk about taking two years to do this post. I took about six years to do this shirt. I had this photo sitting for the longest. Didn't really think of nothingfor it. Didn't even think about using the photo. Along with thousands of others. I like to let the light hit me. 

Just so Sanquon inside info. 

 Jean Joggers Sweatpants 
H&M we need to link up to make some stuff. Cause y'all stay talking my language. 

 adidas TUBULAR X  

Can I take this mintue to tell you how good God has been to me this week? You see this sneaker, I got this sneaker right here. Right here for 25 dollars. It was the most random ass sale of all times but hey, I love it. I still can't understand why God loves me so much for this. I also got some others ones too. I was being greedy. 

 I first seen about these bracelets in a Facebook ad (they work). I been keeping up with the brand ever since. I love this. Coming back to the cookouts. This will be great to keep the BBQ off something a little more fancy. 

Just keeping it cool. 

Shirt: Sanquon
Jeans: H&M 
Sneakers: adidas 
Bracelet: Rastaclat Lucky 

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