Thursday, November 30, 2017

Prince Official "Hit'n'Run" Pop-Up Shop (My Haul)

Huge thanks to the Prince Estate. They have just made everybody holidays a lot better with this special Prince-themed “Hit’n'Run” pop-up shop

The T-shirts feature a range of graphic logos, images of Prince from his Controversy and Parade albums, a shot of the “Purple Rain” star holding a rose and more. The highlight piece comes in the form of a limited-edition hoodie, available in black, white and purple, that features embroidered “Prince 1999” text on the front. The white zip-up hoodie is also noteworthy and is embellished with a colorful graphic design on the back. The collection is rounded out with a dad hat, also available in purple, black and white, that is embossed with Prince’s famous “Love Symbol.”

You can check out all the things I bought and be sure to head over to the online store cause it's only here until December 3. 


I never wear hats but this one had to add to the collection hanging off the whiteboard in my office. 

As of right now. I just have this one and the 1999 shirt. I'll probably be getting the  'Parade' t-shirt too. I already have a look in mind for this one already. 

Well, that didn't take long. I added the shirt. It's going home with me. I want to get creative on the shirt and add some holes and some purple words or something not too sure about it just yet. Actually, the look I have for the Prince with the roses shirt can be used for this one too.  

Make sure y'all check it out and don't miss out. Once it's gone you gonna be looking on eBay. High prices. 

Let me know what you end up getting. 

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