Wednesday, November 1, 2017

SanQuon "Don't Hurt Yourself" Collection

SanQuon's latest creative offing is here. Dubbed "Don't Hurt Yourself". The collection finds itself returning to the founder's roots, art. Telling an ever-growing story with bold graphics and visuals fusing elements of streetwear and high fashion. Hinging on one subtle, but aggressive statement "Don't.Hurt.Yourself". This collection features the brand staple t-shirts, and hoodies, and all the accessories you have come to love. While also offering some surprises to follow in the near future. The collection is the start, not the end.

Visit Sanquon store to purchase the pieces. What will you be picking up? Also be sure to check out the two-part lookbook below.

DHYS part onezv
(Click the photos) 

Don't Hurt Yourself (Part Two)

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