Monday, April 30, 2018

Back To Summer Camp With SZA #DressLikeJavaris

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I'm writing this post to let you know, that SZA merch is out and you buying that shit. Maybe a hoodie, maybe some shirts, or maybe all two. (If you read/sing that in SZA 'Super Model' voice than you will get that). 

I saw Camp SZA post the links and jumped right on it. We love SZA over here.  You got two posts coming yo way from this one. I got both the shirts. Already got the looks together. 

 Camp CTRL S/S T-Shirt
This one is a play off the Broken Clocks video, which is both Obama and my favorite song from the album.  School Boy Q in the video as the cook was the funniest thing till I got to the end and then the outside the strip club part happen. I died. You still cute. 

 At first I was thinking of just some red jeans and that was it. The more that I started to think about it the more I started to want to give it a more free look. Something that I can see SZA wearing. She would wear the adidas with this. Even if she didn't, I don't wanna buy red jeans so the sweats it is.

For the left and the right. 

I was thinking about going to wild on the sneakers but I guess I won't. I am me in the end so I'll chill.  

Let me know on Instagram/ Twitter what you wearing today.

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