Sunday, April 15, 2018

How That Apple Taste? #DressLikeJavaris

Sidenote: The art print of this can be brought in my store

The classic tale that is as old as time. Eve biting that apple that has fucked us ever since. Wonder how she feels right now at this moment. I just hope the apple was good. Like a nice sweet, sour mixture one. Grandma Smith type apple. Can you imagine risking it all for an apple, only for it to be trash? You will have the salty face for life. Yikes. Stay safe out here. Eve, not the only want that can slip. Adam did too.

Sanquon "eVe" T-shirt  
I really think that when I put the shirt on each time. Like damn they really got setup. Notices how I made the inside of the apple black, with outside the nice red. Anyways, y'all didn't come here for the deep drive about this art. 

Regular Joggers 
Listen, I have been on the search for some joggers that are the nicest of green. I want this nice light green that doesn't look like Easter. I can't seem to find it. I just can't. The colors are not singing to me. I need to feel it. So I'm just here with my regular greens.  

 For the left and the right. 

Pharrell Williams Tennis HU 

I have to own the reddest sneakers for somebody that is not a blood. Also, I own the most red sneakers from somebody who favorite color is blue.  I would actually love this one in blue. 


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