Monday, September 2, 2019

Certified Gangsta #DressLikeJavaris

When Jay-Z said he might where black for a year straight, it was just something cool to say in a rap song. Me? I would really do that. The way this summer is set up in Georgia I would have to walk that back. Fast. So I might wear black for the fall and winter straight.   I'm not bringing back any shades. This post is also not for z100. 

Unless you from z100 then hi. 

 Creative Gangsta 
This is one of those let the streets know shirts. I'm joking but it does get the conversation started. 


adidas Men's Tiro 19 Camo Training Pants

The first time that I brought a pair was by mistake. I thought I was buying some regular adidas pants. Joggers. I didn't read it cause why not. It was on sale.  Thank God, I wear the size that I wear cause the pants was fitted. The pants are fitted. I kinda like these over the regular but maybe I should start training for something.  



G-Shock Men's Black 

I haven't had to read the time on the clock since like six grade. So why do I own so many watches? Laugh now but when the zombies take over and the battery and power supply are gone. Who will laugh now? It also makes you look less asshole like when you not looking at the phone for the 20th time.  

 adidas NMD R1

Listen to me. Put some color on that thang. It won't hurt nobody and I can see you making the face when you seen the neon. Don't play no games. Be Prime Time. (Half the people reading this don't know what that even means)


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