Thursday, September 12, 2019

The Winter Not Touching Me #DressLikeJavaris

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You already know what time it is. That cold air said hello and I ran online to stay safe. Playing no games this year. Any year for that matter. I love the winter. Let's see if she will love me back. 

I'm not really sure about how I'm going for look this falll and winter so I just got some stuff. I'll put it together later. Haul post.  

Tan Corduroy Borg Chore Jacket
I wanna look like i'm in the middle of heavy winter while not in the middle of heavy winter so bad. 

Black Hooded Liner Jacket

90's rap video face ass.  

 Khaki Overhead Windbreaker Jacket

I know I don;t know what style I'm doing this winter but I will be standing out to say the least. Look at this. It pops. It's also on sale so yeah, don't drag you feet.  


 Black Hooded Bomber Jacket

Do it get cold enough for me to even own this jacket? Nah. Just mind yo bussniess. 

Let me get the style together before I buy more. What are you planning to wear this winter?


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