Sunday, April 19, 2020

Dress Like You Shooting From The Logo

Maybe I have been watching Love and Basketball so long that I have this deep into my mind. The basketball hooper girl look is top 2 outfits ever. It's just something about it. Maybe it's just something about Sanaa Lathan. 

This post is for the ladies and the men looking for something to buy something for their lady. Also, the lady looking to buy something for their lady too.

Ski Mask
Gotta get the shirt three sizes too big so it hangs just right. Four is too many and two will make it look like, nevermind. 

Parma 16 Shorts

Give the shorts the short, short treatment. You don't wanna go too long then you looking like you sell that Lindsay Lohan.

 adidas Nite Jogger

Giving the look of playing basketball and not playing the game is two things. Look like you playing cause the Rona is out. Let's not really play it, okay?


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