Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Get The Zoom Fit Off #DressLikeJavaris

Hey, it's whatever day that you think it to be. It can be the weekend at you get creative in the kitchen. It can be the weekday where you wear nothing but socks. It can be the day when you eat nothing but apples, Just me? Oh, okay. 

Whatever it is, make the best of it. Let's go suit shopping. Put some clothes on please. Trust me I know. 

Navy Jacquard Skinny Fit Single Breasted Suit Blazer With Peak Lapels

How many places I would have worn this too would only be one but I would have been killing them. I was meant to be somebody that wasn't a pimp but everybody thought to be a pimp in my past life.  I love the style and cut of the suits. Over the top but not too much so that the circus wants to recruit. 

Navy Bow Tie 

Let that bow tie match the jacket. Never the tie leaves the ties in the store. 


 White Slim Fit Long Sleeve Shirt

 Listen, white can stand out. Let it. You can get all the eyes on you without having to be outside of the basics.

Black Super Skinny Fit Suit Trousers

I have no clue if I want to or will pull out the matching pants for any of the tops. I like it in the way it should look and the way it will look is two different things. It feels cheap to match it. Maybe too loud to match it?  Both? 

 Black Faux Suede Piper Loafers
If I keep the pants simple the shoes have to be just like that too. I feel like I been saying "Too" too much this post. 

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