Sunday, January 10, 2021

Nashville Don't Bring Me Blues #DressLikeJavaris



Let's start this year the way it should be started. The NHL is back, baby. This the year that Nashville win it all. I actually hate when people say shit like that. Sports are RNG as fuck. You can tell that I'm just a fan of teams that don't win when they should but I'm not mad. Not mad at all. The L's start to become something that you live with. You celebrate life wins more this way. 

 How do we get here? Anyways. Regardless of the outcome of the season I will be looking nice and ready for the first day.  

Men's Nashville Predators Starter Navy Impact Half-Zip Jacket

I'm about to sound old right here but back in the day.  In the 90's. When I was about 6 having the Starter jacket was the hot things. Everybody wanted one and would do anything to have one. They was really killing for them. Not even joking. It was getting wild out here. Sadly. I think I have said this before and I know others have too. I'll save you young people that one. 

 Starter jackets and the company it's self died off  till recently and it's nice to see it back. These jackets are classic. They can never die for too long. 


Mid Wash Ripped and Repair Skinny Jeans

If the jeans have no holes are the jeans, jeans I would even wear? Go ahead, let that wind come in.  



LV Catch Pendant Necklace 

Tell me you don't feel cool when you wear the necklace hanging out the jacket. Tell me this doesn't give you the feel of the coolest in the room. Just don't fill your head up with ideas. Gotta make it outta here soon. 

 Pitstop Boots 

Listen, you have to have these boots in the collection of shoes. They stand out the most for me. With the joggers that kiss the ankles this is the smooth position that makes these boots shine.  Wearing sneakers with the oversize jacket makes you look smaller and nobody wants that. Get the boots. 


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