Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Tower Box Sneakers Wooden Stool


I have way too many sneakers for me to even get some for all the sneakers that I have but I might have to grab one.  Designed to fit six signature Tower Boxes, the practical home decoration item can be used to display multiple pairs of shoes or used for general storage. With 10 holes for ventilation and easy to use locking system, Tower Boxes serve as a compact and safe option to store and exhibit your sneaker collection.

The 36.8 x 14.9 x 17.1-inch furniture piece is crafted of lightweight premium wood for easy moving. The Sneakers Wooden Stool can be used as a stool for putting shoes on before heading out, long bench for seating, coffee table in living rooms or even a TV stand.

Priced at 2,990 THB (approximately $100 USD), the Sneakers Wooden Stool is available now for pre-order on Tower Box’s website. Additionally, for those that order before January 30, Tower Box will be including six Black Edition Tower Boxes as a free gift.


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