Monday, February 15, 2021

Hardwood Classic Live In Atlanta #DressLikeJavaris


With the All-star game coming it seems like the best time to roll this post out. The '90s and the '80s saw some of the best design in the NBA. Some of the best you will ever see. That's why they bring it back, remix it, etc. Too bad the Roma is going to keep all the events and me from the meeting. I don't wanna see her. The last time that the Game was in the A was in 2003. I used to have this Kobe poster. It was being handed out to all the kids at the game. Sprite promo poster. With Kobe standing with a basketball and the city in the background. You would think it was the greatest thing ever the way I loved that thing. It was the youth in me. Give me something free and I love it. Love it to the end. I think I lost it in the move or something. I might have it in a box somewhere.


Men's Atlanta Hawks Mitchell & Ness Black Big & Tall Hardwood Classics Authentic Warm-Up Full-Snap Jacket

 First off. Hello to the great people at the Atlanta Hawks for sending me this warm-up. I have been dropping pounds like Trey Young drops points. This warm-up y'all sent me was too big when I got it years ago and it's way too big now. I toss it on from time to time.
If y'all reading this and wanna send me another, that would be a medium please, and thank you.

Men's Phoenix Suns Kevin Johnson Mitchell & Ness Black 1996-97 Hardwood Classics Swingman Jersey 

They never were winning anything but were looking so nice while doing it. Charles Barkley really put that team on his back. He needed better. They didn't give out better. Now Shaq rides his ass to the grave about this ring that he never has. Gotta love it.


 Men's Dallas Mavericks Mitchell & Ness Green/Navy Hardwood Classics Two-Tone Snapback Hat

The Jason Kidd with hair era was different. He and Grant Hill was killing the league so bad that they had to give it to them both for rookie of the year. It was that hard to pick. Damn shame that Hill body went out on him. He was about to be one of the best. Ask yo parents about him.

Men's Detroit Pistons Mitchell & Ness Blue Hardwood Classics Two-Tone Snapback Hat

That's end this post right here. I think I'm about to spend too much money. Also why is the jerseys for the Pistons not for sale? Wow.

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