Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Street Fighter Type Flow #DressLikeJavaris


With the summer coming, is it time to get the moody looks off? Before it's too late. Just something about the way some colors look in the summer is funny to me. I think I have been watching too many of those "No white after labor day movies".  Or maybe they have a point.

SanQuon Square
This color I have been in love with this month. I just can't get it out of the rotation. I love the way it looks on the skin.  Makes me feel mature. Which let's me know I hated this color when I was younger. 

Cargo Joggers

How many pockets on the pants that you have do you actually use? I used to love the cargo pants because of this and hated them because of the same reason. Too much stuff can't weigh you down and the other side is you never know where anything at. It's always the catch 22. Let's just stick to the back ones for now. 

Multi-strand Bracelet

I like that H&M adding some new but I need just a little more too.  

 Primary Check Old Skool 

I wanna wear red, so I wear the red. I have no deep reasons behind it but it just goes. This feels like some Street Fighter color scheme.  Zangief but with clothes on. 

Great now I wanna go play Streets Of Rage 4. I'm so happy it's back. Bet you didn't see this ending coming. 

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