Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Be The Bacon Not Eat The Bacon #DressLikeJavaris


 Maybe I have been watching the movie too much but I feel like dressing like Babe. The pig. You know that movie was kinda fucked up. Smartest pig in the world left to live on a farm and watch your friends die. Dark-ass movie. 

I know that didn't happen in the movie but that happens on the farms. Damn, I sound Vegan without trying to be while also being Vegan. 

Anyways. Let's dress like Babe after he has been rolling in the mud. Bacon gang shit.

Slim Fit Twill Pants

 You think the pants hanging anywhere that's lower than the ankles you outta the mind that's between the two ears of yours. Keep them high. You know the sneakers about to show.

I'm really one of those people that hate people that wear band shirts and don't know anything about the damn band. It makes me mad. I feel old but I felt this way when I was young too. It's so rude. You see somebody wearing something and you think you about to bond over the band and they just like the smiley face on the back. I swear I hate y'all. 


I said this joking but it is like that. I yelled "Mimimimi, Galileo" at this lady wearing a Queen shirt. A Queen shirt and this woman had never heard a Queen shirt and had no clue what was going on. She wasn't even trolling. Nah, I be hating y'all I swear.

Sub-Dials Dress Watch with Brown Leather Strap

I don't think that I will be putting on the watch. I'm on the edge about it at this time. I want too but I think it might be too much. It also has that hit of blue that is messing with me. Another day we good to go. Today, not so well. I probably will. 


Btw, Tommy you over name this watch. Just saying.

Nike Air Vapormax Plus

You knew this look was going to end with the red sneakers. You had to know when this post started. Now I can't tell you when it started but for the love of God pig and red will be the hold on us Humans till we leave this earth. Doesn't make sense I guess. Bacon is brown. If yo bacon red, you might have problems? I can't lie I haven't had bacon in some long I had to google it. I used to love it chewy and that is something you can't get as a vegan. The V bacon does be good tho.

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