Saturday, March 13, 2021

Thighs Out Like A Two-Piece #DressLikeJavaris


Since I can't have my face out this summer. It's only right that I take the thighs out on them. Why does that sound like the start to a summer banger? Feel free to use that one. No charge. The weather is starting to change and I have been enjoying these two days. It's kinda cold in the house now but according to my Echo, it's 74 outside. You gonna love it.
 Let's toss those pants into the wind.

 Let's toss those pants into the wind. 

Classic Fit Jersey Pocket T-Shirt 

Does anybody ever use the pocket that's on the pocket shirt? I know I have never and as a kid, I felt it was the untouchable. Something about not wanting the hanging of the shirt for me. I have always been like that. Even know. I hate having too many things in my pocket. Fuck around and walk about with a book bag.

Polo Ralph Lauren woven shorts 

I'm not sure if these are to be worn outside the house but for the price that I paid for these. Everybody gonna see them. If they, not shorts, shorts then they sure feel like it and you can't tell me different.  




Classic White Tan




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With the bears Bouncing playing tennis and all the things they seem to be doing. It's best that I keep these shoes simple. Cause they really don't have to be doing too much. Never that. 

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