Friday, April 30, 2021

Might Just Nite Jogg In This Bih #DressLikeJavaris



The best thing you can do with your money is to make sure that you don't leave too much of it when you leave. Leave enough for the young ones but make sure you enjoy some too. Cause you can't take it with you when you go. This how I am talking myself into buying sneakers. Bills paid so we good over here but really buy things that you enjoy if your bank account can handle it. Don't play around with the money you got that you will need for the future. Damn, this went both ways. You pick which way you wanna go. I can't stop typing like this. I'm trying to but I can't.

I was all up in the online store today. Buying anything that doesn't move.  I was in the sales bag today. Nothing too major. 

Nite Joggers (White/Multi) 

adidas like to come along with a sneaker that gets me hooked and turn around and need all the colors that are sold. This started to look like that cause I love these running sneakers that I won't be running in. 

The Nite Jogger initially came out during the 1980's and was adidas' first reflective urban running sneaker. The current Nite Jogger is looked at as a reimagined version of the original.


Nite Joggers (Black/White/Red)
Nite Joggers (White/Black/Lime)
  React Element 87

I also got these. I always like getting something that makes me feel like I'm walking on the moon.


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