Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Class Photo Bright #DressLikeJavaris


If you didn't know, we have put some new food on the menu. You should check it out. You know you want a late night snack. The SanQuon diner is always open. Now I wanted to wear something orange today but I didn't want the sun and I to think that we're friends. At-least not friends to the point of hugging me with more rays of sun then everybody else.

 SanQuon "Class Photo"

Me and this blue are such a great combo. I try not to use it too much but I love it so much. Now smile for the camera. It's something about this blue that makes me fall in love with it. I chose this blue cause it just looks so nice. It looks and feel like love. 


Regular Fit Sweatshorts

Since the face won't be able to see the people but these knees will.  Keeping them out for the summer. Join me. 

The way that this tan flows so nice with the ocean blue of the shirt. 

Nike Presto

I don't have the link for this one. Sorry. They might be dead-stock? Anyways. I like to smash the colors when it finds the feet. I like my not matching but it finds its way to flow. You can't just so too far. Keep it in the same family. 




I don't do too much with the watches and the wrist if I get a little color crazy on the fit.  Simple black. 


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