Wednesday, August 18, 2021

WAP #DressLikeJavaris


You talking WAP? That's some wet. Man, that song had y'all in the biggest chock-hold. That thang was a heat rock. I don't even know why I'm talking about that but I found this shirt and had to buy it. I swear band merch is not like it used to be. It seems to be stuck in this one style and y'all know the style. So when I seen this t-shirts I had to get them cause yes. 


Cardi B Megan Thee Stallion WAP Airbrush T-Shirt


DC Comics Dark Nights: Death Metal Ozzy Osbourne & BatJoker T-Shirt 

Can we talk about Ozzy on Hollywood burning


Rico Nasty Wigs T-Shirt

 The many face's of Rico.

 That was a light pickup, what did you get this weekend? 

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