Wednesday, December 8, 2021

V1 Gallery x Keith Haring Children’s Toys

V1 Gallery presents a new set of wooden toys specially designed and produced by the Keith Haring Foundation and French wooden toy makers, Vilac.

Each object is an homage to humanity and are based on original sketches that the prolific artist made in the 1980s. The Stacking Figures Wooden game consists of an array of Haring’s exuberant characters that can be endlessly arranged on top of each other. One of these characters is also blown up into a wooden children’s chair that comes in four different colors.

Additionally, Haring’s iconic Baby sketch is available as a rocking chair, along with a set of 18 wooden magnets. The limited-edition release is available to purchase now via V1 Gallery’s webstore and makes for a great gift for the holiday season.


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