Friday, February 18, 2022

Supreme Spring/Summer 2022 (Pieces I Need) #DressLiveJavaris

If you reading this then you already know, the streets are talking cause the new Supreme drop is coming. Me, I'm not posting all the pieces cause all the pieces are not me. I'm posting the ones I want. Nah, the ones I need. Let's make this short and sweet. 

You can never go wrong when it comes to Lil Kim. She is the icon and the blueprint to being sexy while being hardcore. The only thing I don't like about this drop is it's no t-shirt. I like that they went another way that they normally do with famous people but give us the extra and the t-shirt, please. Now somebody put "Queen Bitch" on. 

Speaking of the gang, this has the "gang" all over it. I wouldn't be shocked if this was something we have at Vans and gave it to the hometown cause this is the vibe. Give me the yellow from the 80's and the brown like Charlie. I think I made this and forgot cause YO. 
Now I am a sucka for trunks. I love them since I was a little jelly bean. Just something about them. Makes me feel like I'm at war without being at war? Am I making sense? Well, this one actually makes me feel like I'm back on tour. It's a nice change-up to the Louis that I collect. 

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