Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Look at the tree and see a plane fly over it.Did you see it ?

Ha! I was told by some evil person (Demi) that designers had 32 emotions going on at one time .We be happy and on edge all at the same time wtf?? y'all got like other people inside of y'all ha!(she think she funny).But it was this one time Steph was mad but chessing at the same time while telling somebody to go to hell all while talking about how she love the colors of the dress of the person she was going ham on #TrueShit.So lets see what's inside me(Wow nasty) at this time in the day(1:47pm) all in music style of course.

Mine more like "I wish you was here".

Holding secrets suck and I want to show you guys the "project" but you got to wait.(Hint it's kinda like the banner)
And I so close to crushing some ego's ha! they think they the shit but they just some wanna bee's(sting). lol

Do I really need to break this one down?

I need a happy song to many to pick so........... lets just leave it at that.Plus my hand is hurting.

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