Friday, September 11, 2009

You And Me Are Like The Waves On This Cheese Burger

So back in February (17,2009) one of my favorite bad asses of art Eugenio Merino put out "For the Love of the Gold".In a sure sign of the state of the modern art world, the single artwork attracting the most attention at ARCO (the Madrid International Contemporary Art Fair) that opened today was not a masterpiece by DAMIEN HIRST, but rather a parody of the UK bad boy artist by EUGENIO MERINO depicting the master financial strategist encased in one of his own white display cubes, shooting himself in the head. Titled “For the Love of Gold” in reference to Hirst’s $100 million diamond encrusted skull “For the Love of God,” the hyper-realistic yet oddly contorted piece incorporates real human hair, glass eyes, and realistic blood pouring from a gaping hole in the cranium and was quickly snapped up on opening day by a Florida collector for $33,500 USD.

Posted back In February btw.

To me I see this as a masterpiece to some some it's trash, but the question is why ? It's deeper then what you see you have to know your history about the title and the play off the title. It's basically this dude did anything to get to the top and wanted it all diamonds, cars, the women, and houses and did not care who was screw over in the process. You know the saying "Make a deal with the devil and he's going to collect" well maybe him shooting his self in the head is the devils payment.

If you want to go deeper then we can (Go Go Go lol).Okay your brain is located where ? In your head.Now what does a brain do ?Control and process thoughts and movement through out the body while sorting and storing information. So taking a gun and shooting his self in the head would end the person thoughts right ?(Right). Therefore easring the memories of all he had done to get to the top.Only it comes with a price and that price is his life.

"Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown"

I guess I'm bored and sick and that don't mix
Happy Friday People Enjoy

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