Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Songs Of The Day:Money To Blow & Success

Today's songs of the day is Drake"Money To Blow Ft Birdman & Lil Wayne" oh wait it's Birdman - "Money To Blow Ft Drake & Lil Wayne".This song makes me want to hit the strip club and just make it RAIN(with somebody else money tho).
"I am what everybody in my past don't want me to be Guess what i made it I'm the muthafucking man"

Song number two Jay-Z Ft. Nas "Success".This is the song with the daddies of HIP HOP on it's like the kings of the game right here Nas and Jay(Still owe me a interview btw) .

"I use to give a fuck, now I give a fuck less
What do I think of success?... it sucks
to much stress I guess I blew up quick
'Cause friends I grew up with
See me as a pre'me but I'm not and my nuts big"

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