Thursday, August 18, 2011

Gym Class Heroes x The World Alive x Warped Tour Atlanta

Well I been meaning to post this for about 2 weeks now ? Warped tour was fun like it has been for the past years I been ( 5 years Strong). ONE problem tho, not really a big problem but the sheets for the times on stages was JACKED UP . If you every been to Warped tour then you know that it's about 20 stages and 300 bands doing sets doing the day so a messed up sheet can pardon my words fuck you up. I say all that to say SORYY I didn't get a lot of the GCH set. In fact I miss so much of the set that I was not even able to get in the press pit :(. But hey enjoy.

Looking back at this maybe I should have got his name(So I could actually have more to say in the post),  he was ready to see "The World Alive" They set was for about another 20 mins but 100 other people was already there ready to go. 

I think the best thing about being in the press pit in the fact that event staff protects you. From what ? idk but I met so safe. All that staff for me and another girl, just us two. Yeah we famous lol 

The World Alive 


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