Monday, August 8, 2011

JavarisIsOnMars MLG Clutch

Now before you watch this clip keep one thing well two things in mind.This is MLG so 1 v 2 is really really clutch. I mean it's the best players in the world not a public match. 2 this was game two and we lost game one and if you watch MLG you know it's the best of three so we have to win game two to get to game three. Okay you can watch now. Sorry about no sound I play with sound off and just listen thru headphones. My MLG team ? 3 Black Guys Smokin' Beer. Yeah tell your friends about us. I mean if you want to lol. I'm more then likely will be just making montages of my best moments. Most of it is not boring to watch but it's not that action packed I think. Idk let me know if you want more.
MLG Talk: I was going thru the back side door and my teammate said "Shit I'm down" Which means look at the map where he is cause the dude is shooting at him and just in case he die you know where one dude is. So he went down and I knew the one dude is at the dumpers. So I ran over shot him. Now this is where you have to keep in mind that both teams are MLG and use call outs. In a public match I would have just ran all the way around, but I knew his teammate had to say "he over here" or something better then the words I just said  hahaha. Thats why I ran in a little O and saw him before he saw he. He was going for a back shot. Play smart my friends. Hope that didn't put you to sleep.  I'm not cocky I just have my moments.

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