Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Phantom v1610 1,000,000 fps Camera

Vision Research’s new “Phantom v1610″ isn’t particularly attractive, nor is it as trendy an accessory as some other, better-designed cameras can be marketed as. It has only one draw, and what a draw that is: this camera can shoot up to one million frames per second. That’s right, per second. Calling this fast is an understatement. Although resolution won’t be particularly sharp and the memory fills up in a little under 5 seconds (keep in mind, that’s nearly 5 million pictures), the Phantom is bound to become the next major tool in slow-motion videography. Just imagine the kind of projects that an artist could complete with technology this powerful at their disposal. Although no release date or price have been announced yet, somehow we doubt that it’s going to be affordable.
Source: Wired

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