Monday, March 11, 2013

NetFlix Made A Hit #HouseOfCards

Millions of people everyday use Netflix. You get on and already know what you about to watch, you scroll over to it and dig right in.

Then comes the days when you just finished a series or movie and you don't know what to watch. You sit there for a minute, looking back and fourth through the suggestions.

You really don't want to watch any of that and you just wish they would put the one movie/show that you love on there.

Well Netflix didn't do that. They did made a Netflix's original. House of Cards. I seen the preview for the show awhile ago, the previews was good. I finally got around to watching the show.

The show is beyond great. It's like if the writers of Breaking Bad and Weeds(Both on Netflix's) had a writing session, they would come out with the show "House of Cards". 

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