Friday, March 22, 2013

Princess J Art Exhibit

The day before yesterday Jeem sent me a picture that Princess drew. It was really great, the details, the coloring and even the dog looked like a dog. He had a leash, that's details folks   After Jeem sent it to me, Princess added a little more. My mind was already blown. It was blown even more when I saw what she added. She drew Jeem friend (Melissa) with a baby in her hand. If you don't know Princess is five so to be able to know how to draw a baby in somebody hands takes skills.  That is great people. 

Jeem and I called it a masterpiece, seems like the School board agrees. Jeem sent this text to me and I really jumped up and down and toss a lot of OMG's in there. I was over the moon happy about this. I'm still over the moon happy about it. I text Jeem and asked her "You still cheesing?" and you already know she is : ). We proud of you Princess. 

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