Sunday, March 31, 2013

Tekele Cotton Is CLUTCH #WichitaState

Well, I think I did to much yelling and jumping last night to even write much on this. That game took it all the way out of me. I missed the first half of this game. I text a friend to keep me updated and when I got the first text "Wichita 17,Ohio St 15" I literally jumped around in Wal-Mart. I was really happy. You should have seen the joy when I got home and saw they was leading at the half. 

 I had been following the team since last year. My brothers friend Tekele plays for them. He's the starting shooting guard in his sophomore year. He's pretty good. My mom joking told him one time  "I turn on the game once and you was throwing up bricks. I already got a house, don't need no more bricks" again joking. Now every-time he makes a three, I just imagine him thinking that. 

I'm really bad at giving sport recaps so I found a couple to share. I been looking for the video of Dicky V talking about the game and the three. He was really hyped up about it. Tweet me if you find it (@JavarisIsOnMars

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