Tuesday, June 4, 2013

I Will Never Eat Fast Food Again

Yesterday I was on Facebook. Just like everybody else, just looking at stuff on my news feed. Seen a lot of pictures of kids, cause my friends in that take a million photos of they kids fades. I mean is ten pictures a day really needed? Anyway. Thru all the kids photos was a photo of a dude licking taco shells.

 Now what made this photo stand out is that Mashable posted it. They like a news source of the Internet. Turns out that the photo is a dude that works at taco bell and he licking all the taco shells. What the fuck? Are you kidding me. That is really not cool. I already don't eat at a countless number of fast food places cause they can't be trusted. Looks like Taco Bell have now made the list. I love tacos more then any other food but I won't be getting them from here anymore. You always kinda think that this type of things goes on but to see it just caps it off.

Something must be done beyond just giving the dude the boot. He posted this picture on Facebook so he knew what he was doing. I think that the government need to start forcing people to post cameras in the kitchens of every fast food place. With the cameras, everybody should be able to view the cameras from any store at all times. That has to be the quickest way to stop this from happening. 

Remember the  Burger King worker that put his feet in the food? Or the Pizza Hut worker that beat off on to the pizza dough? They hire people that are not happy to have a job and this is what we get. I for one can't take it and it and will not put myself in the hands of a pissed off high school kid. Taco Bell I love you but it's not me, it's you.  

On a good note I'm just buying the Taco Bell products straight from the store. At least when I make it myself I will be the only person licking it. I mean if I fill the need too. 

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